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What Do Businesses Say About Us?

"Positive, challenging, and thought provoking. New perspective on things and chance to reflect."
"Enlightening. Gave me the opportunity to explore and reflect on my attitudes toward change."
"Great! Practical use of ideas through homework."
-- Westinghouse Electric, Nuclear Services Division, PA

"The entire program was very interesting. I liked the fact that everyone participated."
"Very positive and satisfying. Patricia is great!"
"Excellent, a push in the right direction to obtain goals and seek new ideas."
"It made me do some soul searching."
-- Mercy Medical Center, Ohio

"The workshop forced alot of introspection and self-examination in a way that was energizing."
"A great way to step back and see the large picture of how my work fits the life I have lived and wish to live. Liked the variety of exercises and the variety of approaches in the process."
-- Rescue Industries, California

"Patricia was very effective, down to earth, encouraging. Highly recommended!"
"The session presented a challenge that I knew existed but did not believe it was my choice."
"Many thanks for providing us with yet an additional tool to improve the quality of our lives."
-- International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.

"Brought out the real needs of everyone that you are typically not allowed to see."
"Liked the intensity of the work and how Patricia guided the participants to their goals."
"Constructive, positive, useful, and usable. Patricia lives what she believes."
-- European Women's Development Network, Germany

"This was a very motivating, challenging exercise, full of surprises and meaningful advice."
"Very positive. I felt that my time had not been wasted."
"Forced me to think more about my skills, strengths, and weaknesses."

-- The World Bank Group, Washington, D.C.

What Do Individuals Say About Us?

"Rewarding, humbling, and connecting. The feedback was honest and frank. Patricia created a safe place and gave us permission and encouragement to be open."
-- Mary Elizabeth Maloney, Marketing & Communications Consultant

"Very nurturing, synergistic, energizing, and powerful. I loved the buildup to the program. It was beautiful and powerful to experience, and well worth it. So much came together right in front of my eyes."
-- Jordan Anderson, President, Jordan Anderson Advertising

"It was exactly what I needed at this time. What I liked best was the wonderful support and brilliant insights of Patricia and fellow participants, the safe environment, and the plan that we ended up with to move forward."
-- Phil Cavalier, Director of Marketing, Potlatch Corporation

"Excellent overall. The questions were tough-love."
-- Joy Jung, Training Manager, Port Authority of Pittsburgh

"A wealth of information, knowledge, and wisdom. A treat for the head and heart."
-- David Chang, Entrepreneur

"Very good and always helpful. It was well-balanced, and there was an interesting group of insightful people. The process allowed individuals to work at our desired level."
-- Fiona Forrest, Director of Training, PETCO Animal Supplies Inc.

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