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Are You Evolving Your Work Force?
Is Your Business On Purpose?

In these times of quantum global and economic change, we have an opportunity to reinvent the way we do work within our business or organization, to cultivate human potential to new heights, and to deepen our sense of humanity. But this can only be accomplished by stepping back to gain new perspectives on the beliefs and behaviors that dictate our day-to-day actions. We need to gain the new awareness, skills, and tools that will deepen our connection to ourselves, the work we do, and our clients.

International Purpose believes that we, as individuals, have all the answers, but that they are often at a level of wisdom as yet untapped. To develop the new world view needed, we must not only tap this wisdom but also have the confidence and courage to bring it forth into the workplace.

Our programs will assist you and your staff to:

  • Expand your perception of yourself and your business
  • Develop a larger, more passionate vision for your work
  • Strengthen courage and confidence to move yourself and your business forward
  • Identify and break through internal barriers to change
  • Overcome beliefs and behaviors preventing positive change
  • Spark and facilitate enthusiasm and innovation in your business
  • Tap into and express your greatness, potential, and humanity
  • Develop a dynamic sense of faith and trust in the process of work itself
  • Increase your sense of passion and fulfillment in your work / business

Our process challenges old patterns, stuck thinking and "business as usual." The results you gain will be beyond your expectations. We offer the following Purposeful Business Services:

  1. Initial Consultative Session - One and 1/2 hour seminar
    This interaction session will leave the participants with new, proactive ideas and perspectives about themselves, work, and business. We will introduce our process and demonstrate a mental model for work and business that meets the needs of the ever-changing work environment. Options will be presented for continuing our work together.
  2. Executive Coaching
    This individual program develops core personnel to exceed goals and expectations. We focus on developing core leadership skills needed now and into the future. We take an approach that enables the participant to examine and improve both attitude and actions. This seven-month to one year program consist of one-hour sessions meeting in person or by phone every other week. Each session ends with action steps or 'homework.' Participant manual, initial questionnaire, midway and final self-evaluation, and ending facilitator report are included.
  3. Purposeful Business Circles
    This group-coaching program is based on core organizational and participant goals. Each session works from the framework of one of our Seven Evolutionary Tools. All sessions end with practical action steps based on goals and current challenges. Participant manual, a one-on-one individual session, upfront questionnaire, midway/final self-evaluation and ending facilitator report are included. Click here for more details.
  4. Purposeful Business Retreat
    This highly intensive, three and 1/2 day off site, with follow-up, will challenge, develop, and unify your team towards a new future mind-set for work. Participants leave with personal and collective action steps. This program is tailored to core business and individual goals matched to our Seven Evolutionary ToolsTM and current business challenges. A participant manual, initial questionnaire, group follow-up and final facilitator report are included.
  5. Asking the Next 'Right' Question Technology
    An online, facilitated, collective thinking technology that engages stakeholders in focused critical thinking exercises on a timely basis. This process guarantees getting results to your toughest problems; surfacing best practices; and enabling individuals and the organizations to innovate and prosper. Based on a pressing issue, participants receive an email directing them to a secure website where they are presented with the first and subsequent "next right questions." Click here for more details.

The Seven Steps to Cultivating
New Work Tools for the 21st Century

This transformational program will assist participants in developing new attitudes, a mental model, and the tools needed for today's workplace. Participants will experience and integrate the Seven-Step International Purpose process and will leave with:

  • Positive, proactive attitudes and beliefs about themselves and their work
  • Great recognition of the contribution and value they bring to their work, their department, and their organization
  • Stronger self of sense, confidence, and resilience, along with personal and professional responsibility
  • New, expanded tools for problem-solving and thinking from the future
  • Recognition of their internal resistance to change and the tools to overcome them
  • Ability to determine their most important work now and into the future
  • Action plans to bring these new tools into their lives and their work


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