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Patricia has experience in building business capacity and entrepreneurial development over the last 20 years, working with numerous small and medium sized businesses and organizations. With a focus on international development, Patricia works as a business consultant, coach, and workshop facilitator to challenge outdated assumptions and exponentially build the capacity of business owners, executives, and staff towards quick and sustainable results. Her innovative approach emphasizes building self-mastery and critical thinking, defining a clear purpose and direction, and developing a strategic plan for long-term success.

Patricia holds a Master's Degree in Human Resources Development from George Washington University and has successfully started and run three businesses providing experience and lessons learned. She operates from the belief that everyone has work to do and that when we take into account our unique knowledge and wisdom, greater success and economic growth will happen. She has spoken at numerous domestic and international conferences. Over the last ten years, she has operated under the business name International Purpose LLC.


  • Cultivating strategic and innovative thinking and planning as a part of any operating model.
  • Transforming and expanding the mental model or mindset of individuals, which subsequently expands how they operationalize their work, business, or organization.
  • Working with leaders and their teams to integrate a 3-Ps (positive, progressive and proactive) belief system around self and work.
  • Reaching out and working with people of all cultures, genders and ages to achieve a comfort level of confidence with them.
  • Exceptional ability to understand human nature and the potential in every human being.
  • Encouraging leaders to see and overcome blind spots preventing success.
  • Implementing a highly successful work tool kit, Seven Evolutionary Tools™, and process, Purposeful Business Circles, used to develop 'inner' capacity and purposeful work.
  • Facilitating highly participatory keynotes, workshops, and retreats.

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