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What Steps Have You Taken to Evolve
into More Purposeful Work?

The focus of our Seven Evolutionary Tools is to explore and develop the attitudes and skills necessary to function within the new work model. This Model assists individuals in becoming more self-aware, internally referenced, proactive, entrepreneurial, and responsible for their work and their goals.

Step 1: Step Seven:
Revolutionizing your work/business to develop a new future

Step 2: No Competition
Identifying and leveraging your uniqueness in the marketplace

Step 3: Creating a Strong Foundation
Using the 'tools of the self' towards a stronger inner foundation

Step 4: Fear as an Ally
Partnering with fear to take higher level risk

Step 5: Wisdom as the Next Evolutionary Leap
Tapping wisdom to solve the complex business problems today

Step 6: A Critical Time for Work/Business Evolution
Expanding your mindset and frame of reference for decision-making

Step 7: Purposeful Work Thriving in the Marketplace
Developing a more purposeful sustainable work/business

2013 International Purpose

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