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Join the WORLD@WORK Evolution Monthly Interactive Skype Circles
  • Become part of a global community interested in WORK for Everyone
  • Ready to evolve yourself & your work/business to a higher functioning level
  • Create sustainable inclusive WORK the feeds the pocketbook and soul

Your first Circle is FREE - limited time offer. We meet the Second Tuesday of each month from 7:30-8:30am ET. Send a contact email to with your name and Skype address or a message to patricia.divecchio to connect via Skype video or phone.

Join this ground-breaking group, where we reach out to people from the global community of the East & West who aim change the way we do WORK in the World.

These Skype Circles are based on...

  1. The work issues that are most important to you
  2. Seven Evolutionary ToolsTM from our book EVOLUTIONARY WORK: Unleashing Your Potential in Extraordinary Times
  3. Working together to create a new mental model of WORK for Everyone

These discussions are hosted by Patricia DiVecchio, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of International Purpose, and her Guest.


  1. Participation in a Monthly, One-Hour Skype Circle of individuals interested in greater WORK.
  2. An email in between Circles to encourage work on your action steps & to keep the momentum.
  3. A sharing of the contact information of all the participants in the Circles.
  4. Greater participation as the Circles develop, such as...
    A. Getting highlighted in our newsletter
    B. Joining brainstorming sessions on developing a new mental Model of WORK for Everyone
    C. Being a part of our new book, entitled Never Enough Jobs: Restructuring the Mental Model of WORK for Everyone
    D. Co-leading a Circle and more

This is an opportunity to evolve yourself and your work, business or organization by actualizing new tools needed to develop your WORK now and into the future. These Tools are based on the Seven Evolutionary ToolsTM outlined in our book. We’ll focus on the Tools in each chapter and how they create a foundation for new WORK. You will leave with new ideas and action steps to evolve yourself and your WORK.


  1. A copy of the book or e-book, which can be purchased on Amazon. Purchase an autographed copy at For those from the East, we’ll post the chapters on our website
  2. A journal for notetaking
  3. An open mind and a belief in learning from each other and that greater WORK is based on supporting each other's success.


  1. Short meditation & guidelines set for each Circle
  2. Participants share a WORK action step from the previous Circle and are a part of the conversation at all times
  3. Patricia or a guest speaker start the discussion based on the Seven Evolutionary Tools
  4. Challenging questions are asked and meant to create a deeper understanding of self and WORK
  5. Summarize our discussion, overview of action steps, statement of the next topic and other services to assist your ongoing evolution.


We will meet, via Skype, the second Tuesday of each month from 7:30-8:30am ET. Additional times and Skype Circles will be added as interest increases – let us know of your interest and bring along your colleagues.


Your first session is Free -- limited time offer. Or just commit to an initial six months. The cost is $595 for those in the West or $195 for those in the East. Paying by check is our preference, made payable to:

International Purpose
1588 Moorings #22C
Reston, VA 20190

Pay via PayPal here:

Please sign up early because space is limited to six individuals per Circle.

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